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Hello, Thanks for checking out my site. I'm going to try and give you a little insight into me as a person and artist. My interest in photography began at an early age, my father was an avid enthusiast, developing Black&White images in his makeshift darkroom(a dark closet) of family functions and Holiday celebrations. I marveled at the process, but what really attracted me was the happiness these images gave to those that viewed them. I too wanted to give someone a bit of joy, perhaps by reviving an old memory or through the beauty of nature. I began just shooting snapshots, of family and friends. There was a running joke that a camera was permanently attached to me. But I soon began to realize there was more to it. I started to see, a vision if you will, of what I wanted to express. An image was more than just a copy of the scene, but rather an expression of what "I" was seeing. Having been raised in a rural area, my playground was the forest and fields surrounding our home. So quite naturally my main subject early on was the natural world' mainly landscapes. Life went on, my own family came and responsibilities and priorities changed, but photography remained a key element. I began expanding my skill set to include portraiture, learning lighting and compositional techniques. My journey has led me to capturing Weddings. I have found this to be a fulfilling outlet for my art. There aren't many better for me than seeing the joy on a Bride's face when she first sees her Wedding Day images. My professional career began on a part time basis several years ago. But in November 2010 I decided to pursue my photography career full time. I operate an On Location photography service, I bring the studio to you. Whether it be an Infant, Senior, Portrait, Engagement, Event, Sports, Landscape, Still Life or Wedding, my main focus is the creation of images that express the feeling and emotions of the scene. Through all of my evolutions as a photographic artist the one constant has always been my desire to bring a little bit of joy into another persons life. My sincere hope is that I can accomplish that for you.
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